Friday, 11 March 2016

Mr V A N Namboodiri and GS of his Pensioners Association met the Minister for Communications in the Parliament House on last Wednesday along with an MP from Kerala.There is a temporary office room for each Cabinet Minister in the Parliament House.When the Ministers have no specific work inside the House, they used to sit in these rooms.MPs go and submit some letters to the Ministers.It is a casual arrangement.No serious discussion takes place there.
Minister heard about 78.2% case. A Usual reply was given that he would look into it.That is all.
But, the Minister expressed concern about the financial position of BSNL.
Mr Namboodiri did not tell him that BSNL has already paid 78.2% benefit to serving staff about 32 months back.BSNL need not pay to the pensioners.It is the expenditure from Governments funds. Cabinet has to give the nod. Department of Expenditure has no objection to it.Then, why should the Honourable Minister be concerned of BSNL finance at this juncture?
Nine months back, on 9th June 2015, Minister signed the draft Cabinet Note on 78.2% to pensioners.He should have raised the concern about impact on BSNL before approving it.That was not done.Therefore, we fail to understand why BSNLs financial performance should be brought now.
MTNL staff were not given the benefit of 78.2% as done by BSNL.Hence the question of extending the benefit to MTNL pensioners does not arise now.
So the attempt to delay a decision on our case can not be taken as a genuine concern.
We should record our protest.
Our GS has some problem with his eyes.He is with a doctor at present.
Tomorrow, he will send a detailed communication to all for the programme. Please await it.This is an advance information to you all.
P S Ramankutty, President
Communications Minister, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, told on 2-3-2016 that both
the BSNL and MTNL have recorded a very insignificant growth in revenue last year.

Company 2013-2014 ... 2014-12015 ... Increase in Revenue

BSNL ... ... 27996 Cr. .. 28645 Cr. .. ... .. 649 Cr.

MTNL ... ... 3786 Cr. .. 3821 Cr. ... ... ... 34 Cr.

Some time back, the CMD of BSNL told the staff leaders that some pay revision can be given
only if there is a Revenue growth of Rs 5000 crore in an year.
Where is 5000 crore and where is 649 crore? 

NEW DELHI: State-run BSNL had an outstanding debt of Rs 7,666.94 crore as on January 31, 2016, while that of MTNL stood at Rs 13,529.62 crore at the end of February this year, Parliament was informed on 9-3-2016. 
Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in a written reply to Lok Sabha said that BSNL's debt is mainly due to its capital expenditure requirement.
(Source: Economic Times

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