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All India BSNL Pensioners Welfare Association (Regd.1833/09)
Tamilnadu Circle
1A, Amirtham Avenue, Bharani Street, BharathiNagar, Velachery, Chennai-600042
President: V.Ramarao Secretary: K.Muthiyalu Treasurer: M.Ghousebasha
Mobile:9444296085 Mobile:9444666646 Mobile:9444114136

Date:- 5/10/2016
The Joint Controller of Communcation Accounts,
Ethiraj Salai, Chennai-8.

Sub:- Grievances of pensioners’ for redressal in the proposed Pension Adalat
to be held in the 1st week of November 2016

  1. Grant of full pension for those who retired prior to 1/1/2006 with less than 33 years of service
DoP&PW issued the order on 6/4/2016 on the above subject which was endorsed by DoT & BSNL corporate office.  DoT retirees & BSNL retirees of pre-2006 are entitled to this benefit.  It may kindly be informed that how many cases are settled and how many remains for settlement and time-frame for settlement may please be informed.
  1. Revision of pension on the basis of 50% IDA merger to those who retired prior to 10/6/2013
DoT, on the basis of Cabinet decision taken on 5/7/2016, issued orders on the above subject on 18/7/2016.  As per the order, the implementation time-limit is 31/12/2016.  It may please be informed that for how many pensioners authorization for revised pension is issued so far and how many remains.

3.Drawal of full pension for the family pensioner Smt. Shanthi, W/o Late S.Muthukrishnan Tuticorin SSA-LPS 778 & PPO No.210025679
This was discussed in the last Adalat held on 26/2/2016 under Item No. 143.  It was told that it was not authorized because sanction was not received from the SSA.  The same was sent by Tuticorin on 29/3/2016 but yet to be authorized.
4.Making suitable entries in both halves of PPO – Case of A.Kumarasamy, Tuticorin SSA - LPS 4366 & PPO No.210020048
It is the case of dual pension.  PCCA, TN vide its letter dated 6/9/2006 addressed to The Manager, SBI, Tuticorin stating “Suitable entries may therefore be made in both halves of the PPO (BHPPOs) citing this letter as authority”.  For the representation of the pensioner, GM, BSNL, Tuticorin intimated the official that it has already been authorized vide DoT
Cell/TN/Pen/IDA/LPS/4366 dated 6/9/2006.  But it was not entered in PPO.  Suitable action may please be taken and if required CPPC, SBI may be addressed in this regard.
5.Non-payment of difference in commutation – Case of V.Selvaraj, Tuticorin SSA - LPS 6176 &  PPO No.210023103
This issue was discussed in the last adalat under item A149.  It was replied that it is the case of extra increment and clarification was sought from DoT and it is awaited.  The case is not properly understood.  He was a TTA and no extra increment was involved.  The official retired on 30/6/2008.  Asper DoP&PW order, those who retired between 1/1/2007 & 2/9/2008 and if the commutation became absolute, then the old commutation table has to be applied.  The official represented to PCCA, TN on 21/2/2012, 22/3/2016 & 7/7/2016.  The difference in commutation between old and new table need to be paid.
6.Change of Name – Case of P.Ramalingam, Tuticorin SSA – LPS 4254
The above official converted to Christianity and changed his name as P.Robin Jayaraj.   He wants the name in the PPO to be changed as P.Robin Jayaraj.  The name change was duly notified in Tamilnadu Govt. Gazette notification dated 6/7/2016 in Part VI, Section 4, page 1665 at Sl.No.2330.  Tuticorin SSA has forwarded his request along with copy of gazette notification on 30/8/2016.  Necessary name change may please be made.
7.Inclusion of divorced daughter’s name in family particulars – Case of M.Thirugnanasambandam, CTO, Chennai – LPS 3508 & PPO No.210014063
The official retired on 31/1/2005.  His daughter T.Alli gt married on 25/6/2004 but that was dissolved by a decree of divorce on 5/5/2009 by Additional Principal Judge, Family Court, Chennai.  She is unemployed and not remarried.  The pensioner has submitted fresh form 3 including her name on 16/9/2011 to Chennai Telephones.  It was forwarded to PCCA, TN on 5/11/2011.  He has sent representations on 23/2/2012, 9/4/2012 & 9/7/2016.  He should be given acknowledgement.  Non-issuance of acknowledgement creates anxiety for him.
8.Discrepancy in payment of additional amount of commuted value of pension – Case of S.Narasimhan, STR – LPS C-895 & PPO No.210021586
The official retired on 31/5/2007.  At the time of retirement he received Rs.3,20,552/- as commutation.  Later, on account of pay revision as  per 2nd PRC he got an additional amount of Rs.3,22,418/- as commutation on 9/11/2009.  Then again on account of 50% IDA merger from 1/1/2007, he got commutation of Rs.13,245/- on 6/2/2015.  He should have got this commutation revision arrears of Rs.26,393/- instead of Rs.13,245/-.   Similarly placed person Shri R.Ganesan, Retd. SDE, QA, Chennai got the commutation revision arrears of Rs.26,393/-, authorized by CCA, Karnataka.  He has requested for the payment of difference amount of Rs.13,148/- through his representation dated 16/6/2016.  This may please be settled.

9.Due payment of DCRG – Case of S.Raghavan, STR – LPS 14355
The official has put in a service of 20 years 3 months & 16 days which means 49 SMPs.  In accordance with DoT order No.4-39/87-Pen dated 11/7/1988 and DoP&PW order No.1477/71-P&PW dated 13/3/1989 that if anyone puts in more than 3 months service then it should be treated as completed 6 months period.  Accordingly the official is eligible for Rs.4,59,326/- but he got only for 48 SMPs.  There is short-payment of Rs.8918/- and the official has represented claiming the amount.  It may please be settled.
10.Short drawal of pension – Case of K.S.Sampath, Trichy SSA – LPS 15078 & PPO No.602015091235257
The official retired on 30/9/2015 from O/o PGM, Trichy and his LPD was Rs.19210/-.  His pension should have been Rs.9605/- but it was fixed at Rs.9360/-.  The official gave a representation on 24/11/2015 which was forwarded by Trichy SSA on 30/11/2015.  Further, Trichy SSA also sent another letter to DoT cell on 2/12/2015.  The official again sent a representation to PCCA, TN on 30/6/2016.  The grievance remains unsettled.
11.Settlement of pensionary benefits – Case of R.Sundaram, Cuddalore SSA – LPS 50196
The official took VRS on 5/6/2014.  Only his gratuity was settled in August 2016.  Other pensionary benefits are not settled.  We do not know the reason for such a long delay.  Immediate settlement requested.
12.Short-drawal of pension – Case P.Muthukumarasamy, Cuddalore SSA –
The official retired on 30/11/2014.  His LPD was Rs.30,950/- but he was drawing a basic of Rs.31,880/- for previous 9 months.  Last 10 months average is beneficial to the official but his pension was fixed at 50% of LPD.  The official has given several representations from 19/12/2014 onwards and this issue was taken up in the last two adalats also.  He has given his last representation on 20/4/2016.  Necessary sanction was given by GM, Cuddalore and forwarded to PCCA, TN.  Due authorization may please be done without further delay.
13.Authorisation of FP to the son & daughter – Case of R.Sivaprakasam, Puducherry SSA – PPO No.210027171
R.Sivaprakasam expired on 22/8/2013 and his wife predeceased.  His first daughter S.Ambiga was authorized for FP.  After her employment his second daughter S.Radha was authorized.  On completion of 25 years, that was stopped from 1/6/2012.  His 3rd son S.Srinivasan who was born on 29/10/1989 and unemployed applied for FP.  PCCA, TN wrote to Puducherry SSA on 19/8/2015 seeking 7 documents.  Accordingly Puducherry SSA has forwarded necessary documents.  Srinivasan Is entitled to get the FP upto 28/10/2014.  It is yet to be authorized.  His 4th daughter S.Anjalakshi who was born on 14/10/1991 is entitled for FP from 29/10/2014 and she has applied for the same with necessary documents and due sanction was given by the sanctioning authority and forwarded to PCCA, TN.  Both may be authorized at the earliest.

12.Revision of pension & FP – Case of K.Amudhavalli, Puducherry SSA – PPO No. 210024576
The official died in harness on 20/10/2008.  Her spouse V.Kalasekar was authorized FP.  Her pay was revised on account of 2nd PRC recommendations w.e.f. 1/1/2007 retrospectively.  Puducherry SSA has forwarded the sanction for revised FP and LTA on 20/7/2016.  Early action is requested.  
14.Authorisation of FP – Case of R.Rajendran, Puducherry SSA – LPS 901
The official worked in DoT till 9/4/1994 and he was permanently absorbed in TCIL on 11/11/1998.  After his retirement, he applied for authorization of FP for his spouse.  PCCA, TN wrote to Puducherry SSA on 13/8/2013 seeking Form 7 and SB of the official.  It was forwarded by Puducherry SSA on 28/12/2013 to DoT cell.  Even after 34 months the issue remains unsettled.
15.Correct fixation of pension – Case of R.Mani, Puducherry SSA
The official retired on 30/6/2014.  His LPD was Rs.31130/-.  But his pension was fixed only at Rs.15,190/- instead of Rs.15,565/-.  Puducherry SSA has sent his pay fixation calculation sheet on 27/11/2015.  Due pension may please be authorized.
16.Reauthorisation of FP – Case of V.Nivetha, D/o Late K.Vasudevan, Thanjavur SSA – LPS 4698 & PPO 210020577
DoT cell authorized FP in favour of Smt. K.Neelaveni on behalf of Selvi V.Nivetha on 19/7/2006 for the period from 1/8/2002 to 7/2/2010 because Selvi V.Nivetha was a minor.  Her D/o/B is 8/2/1992 and she becomes major on 8/2/2010.  The pension was drawn from SBI, Thanjavur under A/c No.10857753444 which was a joint account in the name of K.Neelaveni & V.Nivetha.  The SBI did continue the payment till November 2013 and only AG Audit found out that it was paid beyond authorization for nearly 46 months.  CPPC, SBI wrote a letter on 13/12/2013 to CCA, TN requesting to issue order for continuance of FP in favour of Selvi V.Nivetha.  But DoT cell wrote to CPPC, SBI on 13/3/2015 to recover the excess payment and send a DD with a reminder on 7/7/2015.  Since the FP was stopped from December 2013, Selv V.Nivetha made a representation and Thanjavur SSA has forwarded her representation along with Non-marital certificate, unemployment certificate, 1st page of Bank passbook etc on 16/4/2014.  Selvi Nivetha made many representations thereafter including the on 4/7/2015.  Smt. Neelaveni drew the pension beyond authorization which is wrong and it is not possible to pay back 46 months pension by her.  It should be understood that there is contributory negligence on the part of SBI and DoT cell for making payment beyond authorization for 46 months.  Selvi Nivetha has no complaint against Smt. Neelaveni.  Action may please be taken to reauthorize in favour of Selvi V.Nivetha from 8/2/2010 onwards without further loss of time since it is pending for a long time.  

16.Payment of LTA – Case of S.Savithri, W/o Late G.Solaisamy, Karaikudi SSA – PPO 210015411 – SBI A/c No.33231491434, Karaikudi Branch
DoT Cell issued a revised authority and sent to SBI, CPPC, Chennai vide PCCA/TN/Pen/VI CPC/pre 2006 dated 18/9/2015 and asked SBI to pay the LTA for the period 1/1/2006 to 23/9/2012 to the FP Smt. Savithri.  But she is yet to get it.  The family pensioner has sent a letter to CPPC on 15/3/16. We enquired with CPPC, SBI on 13/6/16 and we were informed that they have not received the original authority from PCCA, TN.  Smt. Savithri sent a representation to PCCA, TN on 13/7/16 which was forwarded by Karaikudi SSA on 16/7/16.  We discussed this issue with Dy. CCA on 18/7/16 and he was surprised to know that SBI has not paid the LTA even after an year.  So, Dy.CCA personally spoke to the family pensioner over phone and then only he was convinced.  He agreed to send a letter to CPPC, SBI in this regard.  Payment is yet to be made.
17.Authorisation of FP to Manimegalai, D/o Late Thangavelu, Karaikudi SSA – LPS 1557 – PPO 210016061
The official Thangavelu’s D/o/R was 31/8/2002 and D/o/D was 2/1/2012.  His spouse T.Visalatchi died on 12/10/2013.  Before her death, she was very ill and hence she has not applied for FP.  Hence FP was not authorized for her.  Manimegalai, widow daughter of Thangavelu applied for FP.  O/o PCCA asked for her annual income.  She has informed that her annual income was Rs.48,000/-.  O/o PCCA, TN rejected her claim vide letter dated 19/7/2016 on the plea that her annual income was more than prescribed limit of Rs.42,000/- (@ Rs.3500/- p.m.).  The rejection of the claim is wrong because the prescribed limit of income from other sources is minimum family pension plus Dearness Relief as per the orders.    Karaikudi SSA has sent a letter on 30/7/2016 to O/o PCCA, TN pointing out the need for inclusion of DR.  This may be settled without further delay.
18. Inclusion of spouse name (for dual pension) in PPO – Case of K.Solaimuthu, Salem SSA – PPO 210020089
The official retired on 31/3/2006.  He has sent a representation to PCCA, TN on 17/6/2016 for inclusion of his spouse name, Bhanumathi, in the PPO.   
19. Grant of full pension – Case of S.Kalaiselvi, W/o Late S.Senapathy, Salem SSA – FP 11302
The pension was equally shared by Selvi S.Sangamithra, daughter through 1st wife and Smt.S.Kalaiselvi, spouse of S.Senapathy.  Selvi Sangamithra got married and registered on 22/8/2014.  Hence S.Kalaiselvi claimed 100% pension with necessary documents on 2/2/2015.  Sanction letter from GM, Salem was sent to PCCA, TN on 11/8/2016.  It may be settled at the earliest.
20. Inclusion of Divorced daughter in family particulars – Case of S.R.Krishnamoorthy, Salem – LPS 599 & PPO 210013566

S.R.Krishnamoorthy retired on 30/6/2001.  His daughter S.K.Jamurani got divorce from her husband through Sub court, Sankari.  The official has requested GM, Salem to include her name in the family particulars on 21/9/2015.  It was forwarded by GM, Salem to PCCA, TN on 3/6/2016.
21. Authorisation of FP to the spouse – Case of V.Rajamanickam, Salem SSA – PPO 602016011235839
The official retired on 31/1/2016.  His two daughters, viz. R. Maheswari & R.Lavanya, through first wife got married.  So, living wife Smt. R.Rani may be authorized for FP.
22. Authorisation of FP to the spouse – Case of R.Mohanraj – LPS 3591 & PPO 2100108251
The official worked in DoT and he was relieved on 30/10/1997 and he was permanently absorbed in TCIL.  He is getting pension for the service rendered in DoT.  At the time of issue of PPO, FP was not authorized since he was working in TCIL.  He has requested for inclusion of his spouse name for authorization.  This was taken up in the last two adalats held on 24/7/15 & 26/2/16.  Since it is a long pending case it may be settled without further delay.
23. Settlement of pensionary benefits – Case of V.Manjula, W/o Late K.Devanathan, Cuddalore SSA – 199500246
K.Devanathan expired on 7/7/2015.  The claim papers were received by O/o PCCA, TN on 9/12/2015.  It wrote to Cuddalore SSA on 15/12/2015 pointing out that the initial of the claimant is different in GPF nomination form.  Document for reconciliation of initials was sought for further processing the case.  The claimant has produced documents like 1st page of Indian Bank pass book A/c, SSLC Mark sheet, School TC & Affidavit from Notary public.  She has sent her request along with those documents on 13/7/2016.  This may please be settled without further delay.
24.Payment of Arrears – Case of N.Jayalakshmi, FP, W/o Natarajan, Cuddalore SSA – LPS 10780
Due to want of some particulars, she was given provisional pension.  Later she got the due family pension but the difference between provisional pension and regular pension is yet to be paid.  It may be settled soon.
25. Settlement of GPF amount due – Case of N.Srinivas, Conoor SSA – GPF A/c No.47000
The official died on 30/1/2014.  His wife did not get the GPF amount.  In this connection O/o PCA, TN wrote a letter on 6/6/2016 seeking certain documents like original nomination, date of application etc.  Coonoor SSA has forwarded the same.  It may please be settled.
26.Authorisation for dual family pension – Case of S.Renganayaki, W/o Late V.Seetharam Bharathi, Virudhunagar SSA – Old PPO No.TAC/95-3225/89
The official died on 10/5/1989.  His wife was getting FP from Defence.  She got appointment on compassionate grounds on 16/8/1990 and took VRS on 1/10/2000.  She is
getting pension for her service in DoT and her PPO No. 210027148.  She applied for dual family pension on 22/12/2015 to Joint CCA.  That was forwarded by O/o PCA, TN to Virudhunagar SSA vide their letter dated 22/1/2016 seeking 5 documents including legal heir certificate.  We do not know why legal heir certificate was sought for since she is the spouse of V.Seetharam Bharathi and her FP was authorized by Defence.  Anyhow Virudhunagar SSA has sent the documents to O/o PCCA, TN recently.  This may please be settled at the earliest.
27.Settlement of gratuity – Case of R.Padmavathy, W/o Late A.Muniappan, Virudhunagar SSA
The official died on 29/7/2013.  His spouse is a family pensioner and she is yet to get her share of gratuity.  This may please be expedited.
28. Revision of FP on a/c of pay revision – Case of G.Avudaiguru, w/o Late M.V.Gurusamy, Karaikudi SSA
The official died in harness on 31/8/2007.  At the time of his death he was drawing a basic pay of Rs.17,300/- and his spouse G.Avudaiguru got authorization for family pension of Rs.8650/- at enhanced rate which is permitted upto 31/8/2014.  Beyond 31/8/2014 Rs.5190/- is authorized.  The official’s pay was revised from 1/1/2007 on the basis of 2nd PRC.  New pay fixation order was issued and sanction for pension revision was also given by Karaikudi SSA.  Revised pension authority has to be issued on the basis of revised LPD and also the enhanced FP should be extended upto 31/8/2017.
29. Authorisation of FP – Case of S.Kuppusamy, Dharmapuri SSA – LPS 15184 & PPO 602015101235396
The official retired on 31/10/2015.  His wife K.Rajeswari expired on 3/8/1997.  Her death certificate was issued by Omalur Selection Grade Town Panchayat only on 21/3/2016.  He married D.Jansirani on 6/7/1998.  Though joint photograph was pasted in PPO, as he did not submit the marriage registration certificate FP was not authorized at the time of issue of PPO.  That marriage of 6/7/1998 was registered on 1/4/2016 and sub registrar, Pennagaram issued the marriage certificate on 6/4/2016.  Since Jansirani is the legal wife of S.Kuppusamy, FP may be authorized in her favour.

Yours faithfully,

         Circle President.

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