Tuesday, 28 April 2015


சொன்னதை செய்யும்,செய்வதை சொல்லும் திரு  RK அவர்களே நன்றி.உங்கள்  உதவியுடன் நம் தோழர்கள் தமிழகத்தின் 20 வது கிளையை உதகையில் பரிணமிக்க செய்துள்ளனர்.
Our circle secretary Thanked personally Com R K for his efforts to form New  SSA  at Coonoor
Com RK has helped us in strengthening of Coimbatore SSA, Re-Formation at Tiruchirapalli SSA and Vellore SSA, Formation at Erode  SSA and at Coonoor now.  We thank him  once again.
Our All India Organising Secretary and Circle President com K. Muthialu  and also Com  A Suguraman  TN Circle Salem West  and also  helped us for ther formation in the above SSAs.

Com.Purushothaman has welcomed the gathering.
Com.K.Muthiayalu, All India Organsing Secretary, and President Tamilnadu Circle 
has presided over the function.
A branch at COONOR was inagurated as decided in our Tamilnadu Executive meet held at Vellore.
Smt.R.Chandra DGM Admn O/O GM Coonoor has joined as Chief Guest of the function and greeted the newly formed Association.
Comrade Doss  as Secretary and Comrade Viswanathan as president and Com.O.Sannan             Treasurer  will lead the Branch after unanimous selection.

Coimbatore Comrades Arunachalam,Palanisamy,R.Thiruvenkatswamy CBE Dist.Secretary,and Vamanan coordinated with  Nilgris comrades for opening of a new Branch.

Com.T.S.Ashokkumar FNPTO Dist.Secretary,Com.S.Anthoniswamy, FNPTO Dist Asst.Secretary
Com.R.G.Rangan NFTE Circle Org.Secretary and Com.K.V.Ganesh SNEADist.Secretary.  
participated to show their fraternal greetings.

Com.L.Chickan Rtd SS has given vote of thanks to one and all.

Entire Team of Tamilnadu Circle Congratulates COONOObranch

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