Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Defence Ministry has arrived at a consensus formula of One Rank One Pension (OROP)
with the defence forces and has referred the calculations to Finance Ministry for its decision.
This was informed by the defence ministry to the parliamentary standing committee on defence.

In a scathing observation, the standing committee observed that the ORO
“issue has been protracted for considerably long passage of time and it is beyond
the understanding of the Committee as to what reasons are preventing the Government
from making necessary decisions and arriving at a solution”.
The details of the formula are not mentioned in the report.
However, it is believed that the problem of variations in rank and last pay drawn 
has been solved by creating standardised slabs for each rank with a certain length of service. 
Navdeep Singh, a lawyer in the Punjab and Haryana High Court and an expert on veterans’ issues, says,
“Mr Parrikar has proactively ensured a consensus of all stakeholders as per the actual concept of OROP 
which broadly implies that the pensions of past retirees would be based upon the pensions 
of fresh retirees and revised periodically. OROP is likely to be applicable from 1st April 2014.”
The Secretariat our CHQ met at CHENNAI on 29-4-15.  It reviewed all the developments regarding 78.2% to
PENSIONERS.  IT took into consideration Hon. Minister Shri Anantha Kumars intervention, subsequent
meetings with Secretary DOT,  Member (F), Member (S) and Director (Estt) and also the opinion of Com D.D.
Mistry, G.S. BDPA Gujarat ( The only BSNL Pensioners Organisation to respond to our call).  It was finally
decided to POSTPONE the programme of dharna on 13-5-15.    We request the Circle Secretaries kindly to
inform our District Branches.  Detailed Circular will follow.
G.NATARAJAN  G/S           

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