Friday, 24 June 2016

Every day, through Telephone calls, Whatsapp, Emails and SMS – we are receiving enquires about further developments in the case of 78.2%.One comrade from Varanasi informed that some BSNL pensioner there even got a copy of the order issued by Government. We do understand the anxiety of BSNL pensioners. It is a very very important issue for them. But, not for the Government or the Cabinet.
We can not expect that Shri Narendra Modiji, the Prime Minister, will cancel his foreign trips and wait in Delhi office to sign the order for us. 78.2% case is not an issue of national importance for him.
One week back, Department of Telecom has sent the Cabinet Note to Cabinet Secretariat.They are expected to include this item in the agenda for Cabinet meeting within a period of two weeks. Central Cabinet is meeting every Wednesday. It met on 22-6-2016 also. 78.2% was not an item for that meeting.Even after including the item in the agenda, Cabinet may postpone discussion and decision.Cabinet may take up politically important issues first.Service matter has least priority for the Government and political leaders.
Due to our persistent efforts, the issue of 78.2% has reached Cabinet Secretariat. Thereafter it will complete normal formalities and procedures. We have to wait.There is no other way.

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