Saturday, 18 June 2016


[Yesterday, large number of comrades conveyed their happiness and congratulations on hearing that the Cabinet Note has finally gone out of Sanchar Bhavan. I could not respond immediately as there was no telephone line, or electricity of wifi because of sudden storm in my area... ......................................P S Ramankutty}
After persistent persuasion and consistent efforts the Cabinet Note is gone. This Note was ready in December 2014. For about 20 months it was shuttling from one room to another; from one officer to another in Sanchar Bhavan. There was avoidable delay in DoT and DOE too. Without getting provoked, with patience we pursued the matter. Things moved because of thecollective efforts made by our CHQ leaders like Comrades Natarajan, D Gopalakrishnan, Muthiyalu and Vittoban in Chennai, Gangadhara Rao, BabuandChangappa in Bangalore, R C Malhotra, R L Kapoor and Sisodia in Delhi, Mitkary and Pillay in Nagpur etc. I can not forget the wonderful work done by late Comrade Chhiddu Singh. It is because of the timely action by our leaders at different places who conveyed their anger and anguish to the Minister through Emails, SMS etc. It is because of a vibrant organization and vigilant rank and file all over the Country. AIBSNLPWA is not an organization confined to a room and a computer.It does not depend upon any leader or any service Union.It is an independent organization with a collective leadership.
I acknowledge the work done by other organizations also.
We should be thankful to the Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad who cleared the File on the same day or the next day after receiving it in his office. 
We must be thankful to Shri Ananthakumar, Honourable Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers for his effective intervention on many occasions that moved the File at different levels on different occasions
I still remember how Coms Natarajan and Gopalakrishnan remained calm in Delhi and worked for the case when their family members were in distress due to unprecedented floods in Chennai those days. I could not go to Delhi then due to personal reasons. I sat in Trivandrum and co-ordinated the work to some extent.
I hope that the Cabinet will accord approval to the proposal without further delay. It is only a ‘service matter’ for the Government; not a political issue. Still, I feel there is no reason why it should be denied or delayed.Let us wait with hope.

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