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On 29/10/2014 one leader of an association wrote Secretary, Telecom stating

“for post-2007 pensioners, the revised pay be drawn and paid only for the month of retirement and the pensioners in turn will recharge their BSNL mobile with the exact amount paid. In reality there will be only paper transaction”.

WHAT A WONDERFUL HELP HE HAS GIVEN TO THE BSNL PENSIONERS. "Give month's arrears to the pensioner and the pensioner should give it back by recharging his BSNL mobile". What a wicked brain !!

The AIBDPA has resorted to slanderous attack on our Association for achieving the 78.2% and annulment of 60:40. We can understand their anger.We can very well understand their disappointment; discontentment of impotent.
They claim that they achieved the demands because they met Communications Minister twice along with two MPs in May 2015 and March 2016.
Why not before? Order was issued on 10-6-2013 for granting 78.2 to serving staff. There was nothing for Pensioners in that order. But these Bluff Masters declared immediately in their website that; “…it is also a matter of great joy that the retired comrades will get their pension refixed based 78.2% IDA….” What a BLUFF?
Did any single pensioner get the benefit of 78.2 then as they declared? Why did they take MPs to meet the Minister if it was given to pensioners ?The BSNL pensioners understood the dirty game of these fellows.
Another wonderful bluffing: They say that pensioners retired after June 2013 also got the benefit of 78.2%! Is it their magnanimity? When the pay is revised with 78.2% the pension will naturally be on that basis.
In the Agreement it was stated that the benefit would be applicable to pensioners. But later DOT asked BSNL to delete that sentence. BSNL Management deleted it unilaterally. These people who signed that agreement did not open their mouth. That was their LOVE for the pensioners. 
What about the people who retired between 1-1-2007 and 10-6-2013? They did not get this benefit till this date. About 60,000 people who retired during this period lost huge amount by way of arrears. BLUFF MASTERS are silent on that. It is because of the agreement they made allowing the Management impound the arrears. Subsequently when the orders were issued, that too after one year, making the date of issuance as the date of effect, these people who are signatories did not protest. Their own members lost huge amount. A pensioner who gets Rs 10000 as basic pension with 68.8% was to get Rs 100000 if arrears were to be given from 1-1-2007.But, because of the foolish agreement and the consequent order that pensioner gets only Rs 40,000 now. He lost Rs 70000. Who is responsible? People who agreed for impounding the arrears; these BLUFFMASTERS.
After their first meeting with the minister in May 2015 they reported that the Minister gave patient hearing. No assurance.
When they met the Minister on 9-3-2016 along with Com. M B Rajesh MP the Minister did not give any assurance.So they declared that “ In the absence of any categorical assurance from the Minister the dharna programme on 10-3-2016 stands…”
Now BLUFF MASTERS say they got 78.2% because of these meetings!!
Not only that.Minister expressed concern on the financial condition of BSNL.BLUFF MASTER’s brain did not work at that time to tell the Minister that 78.2% was to be given by government, not by BSNL. Wisdom comes very late to some brains like the old Tube light.Electronic support is needed for them.Somebody should tell them.They can not think on their own.
The BLUFFMASTERS had no guts to open their mouth and tell the facts to the Minister.
They ridicule us for taking help of Shri Ananthakumar, pointing out his portfolio. He was an influential minister. Today he is holding the powerful portfolio of Parliamentary affairs. Shri Ananthakumar helped us more than anybody else.
Help from a Cabinet minister is bad!But, they can take help of MPs. The MPs can easily meet the ministers in the Parliament House.Somebody can accompany the MPs.Ministers do not object.
We met the Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad at Ujjain, at Madurai and in Chennai also. Without help from Anantha kumar.
They accuse us for meeting Shri Nripendra Misraji, the Principal Secretary to Prime Minister of India. (They do not know the name of Principal Secretary.They write Nripesh Mishra). Nripendra Misraji was Secretary, Telecom earlier.At that time only he wrote a letter on 15-3-2015 to CMD BSNL about pension liability which turned out to be an important document. So we tried to bring the matter to his notice to ensure a quick decision on the file by the Cabinet. There was nothing wrong in meeting the Principal Secretary to Prime Minister. BLUFFMASTER did not get that idea. WE CANT HELP.
BLUFMASTER claims that 60:40 was annulled by their attempts. What a BLUFF again? Their report to their own All India conference held at Tirupathy in February 2016 is the proof against this claim. It says:
“……But linking this proposal with 78.2% IDA merger to BSNL pensioners has caused unnecessary delay in the settlement of 78.2% IDA merger.Therefore, we met Shri Rakesh Garg, Secretary, DoT and demanded delinking the issue.But he was of the opinion that delinking at this stage will have to follow all the procedures again which will be time consuming”.
When they met the Secretary, Telecom they did not talk at all about 60:40. Only after we met Secretary, Telecom in March 2015 and took up the matter, Shri Rakesh Garg had a discussion with top officers and decided to incorporate the item of annulment of 60:40 in the Cabinet Note. The recognized Union did not demand annulment of 60:40 till that time. For long 11 years!!
There is no use of asking these BLUFFMASTERS to maintain some standard. They can not. Minimum decency is required for that. Some Culture is required. We restrain ourselves from talking further about them. The BSNL pensioners understand the dirty game played by the BLUFFMASTERS. Hence the BSNL pensioners come to us. BLUFF MASTERS can not tolerate that. They must bear with the truth. No other way.

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