Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Dear Comrades,
I am a lucky person. Rather, more lucky than many. I have done little work but I am the receiving bowl for all congratulations and praises for the gain.
It is because of the great help rendered by Shri Ananthakumarji that we got this gain. We should be thankful to him for the unusual help.
Comrades Gangadhara Rao, Changappa, Babu, Murthy and others of Bangalore worked relentlessly for achieving 78.2%. It is only because of them we got it.
Com. Natarajan and Com. DG have done marvellous work as leaders of the Organisation.
Comrades R L Kapoor, R C Malhotra and DPS Sisodia in Delhi spent lot of time for this.
They all deserve congratulations.
I can not forget the services of late Comrade Chhidu Singh. We felt very much his absence during these months.
I was performing as a co-ordinator only. Just because I am handling the whatsapp and Email group I received all praises from you all. I receive it on behalf of TEAM AIBSNLPWA and transfer it to the Team.
The real gain is that the condition of 60:40 is removed by Cabinet itself. In future we need not depend upon the financial condition of BSNL Company for any pension revision. It is 100% responsibility of the government to pay pension to us. A dangerous clause in Rule 37A is gone. For ever!
Nobody talked about this before 2009; before AIBSNLPWA was formed. NO BODY talked about BSNL pensioners before August 2009; before we started functioning as an All India organisation. Now all are talking for BSNL pensioners. Many will claim for the gain.
Thank you comrades. Thank you...
P S Ramankutty
6th July 2016.

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