Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Com. G Natarajan, our General Secretary and Com. Vittoban, CHQ Treasurer along with Com. R C Malhotra, AGS met the Secretary, Telecom Shri J S Deepak IAS today and conveyed gratitude of all BSNL pensioners in India for issuance of the order on 78.2. Shri Deepak is happy that he is getting blessings from elders. GS handed over a detailed letter to the Secretary seeking his intervention to have an amicable settlement of Pension anomaly case. Secretary assured that he would look into the matter.
Our leaders met the new Director (Estt) Smt. Vandana Sethi and discussed some items:
1.Clarifying the points raised by some CCAs about application of the recent orders on delinking of 33 years condition for full Pension. Some CCAs have taken a strange stand that it is not applicable to BSNL pensioners despite a clarification from DoT on 3-6-2016. Central Pension Accounting Office in Ministry of Finance made it very very clear that there is no pro rata pension now and anybody having rendered ten years service is entitled to full pension.
2.Court has directed the DoT to count Extra Increment for pension. But the benefit is given only to the four pensioners of Kerala who have gone to the Court. Few hundred affected pensioners are waiting for the benefit in different circles. A general order is required in the matter.
3.Wrongful recovery of excess payment made by Department for no fault of the employee/pensioner. Supreme Court has issued clear, unambiguous order. But it is not yet endorsed by Directorate.
4.CGHS for BSNL pensioners.In Delhi the CGHS does not entertain BSNL pensioners on the plea that they are PSU pensioners. Clear order is available.But the premium is yet to be determined.
After discussion the Director told that since she is new to the post she would seriously examine these cases and take suitable action

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