Thursday, 21 July 2016

We fondly remember him
After lot of persuasion and discussions, the Department of Telecom accepted our plea for extending the benefit of 78.2% to BSNL retirees for revision of our pension. A proposal in this regard was sent to Department of Pension on 29-10-2013. After two months, the Department of Pension approved the said proposal with one condition that permission should be taken also from Department of Expenditure under Ministry of Finance.
Accordingly the proposal was submitted to DOE on 11-1-2014. After few days Com. Chhidu Singh went DOE and met the Director there. The Director told that his office did not receive any file from DoT. Chhidu Singh came back to Sanchar Bhavan and enquired. DoT people informed that the file was sent by hand. With the permission of Director (Estt), Chhidu Singh took the Group D employee who delivered the file in DOE. Then DOE people admitted that it was received but same was misplaced in their office. Once again Chhidu Singh came back to Sanchar Bhavan, took duplicate copies of the documents and he himself delivered the same to the Director in DOE.
That was Com. Chhidu Singh. Nobody else could have done such work. Others, sitting in Delhi permanently and claiming now all the credit for 78.2% did not know this. They were reporting the movement of the File. While we were moving the File from one table to another, from one office to another.
We remember late Com. Chhidu Singh for his systematic work and dedicated service.

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