Thursday, 21 July 2016

United forum of BSNL staff Unions went to the management some time back and demanded that future pension revision in BSNL should be delinked from the wage revision of BSNL staff. It was reported by SNEA as below:

7.  Automatic pension revision in the future without linking it with pay revision.
Forum demanded that the pension revision should be referred to VII CPC or 3rd PRC with specific terms of referencethat it should not be linked with pay revision of the serving employees or the profitability of the company. After discussion it was agreed that it will be referred to 3rd PRC with specific reference of pension revision and delinking pension revision from pay revision.

Now Mr. V A N Namboodiri met the new minister and requested that in future pension should be revised in BSNL whenever there is a wage revision.  
 So what they want? Linking or de-linking with pay revision? They are confused.  They are confusing the pensioners also.

 The THIRD PRC is appointed.  There is no mention of Pension revision in its Terms of Reference. PRC  has issued  a questionnaire.  The AIBSNLEA, led by Mr. Prahlad Rai, has replied to the Questionnaire.  I have gone through it.

 PRC did not ask anything about Pension Revision. They asked whether the Superannuation benefits should be changed or not.  Superannuation benefit is given by many PSUs as lump sum amount at the time of retirement.  It is entirely different from Pension Revision.

 In many PSUs there is no Pension system.  If PRC makes any suggestions about BSNL, then all others including LIC, Bank, BHEL, HAL, Air India etc. will demand.  Government is aware of this repercussion.  That is why PRC is not asked to study and suggest Pension Revision.

 But some of these people want PRC should recommend Pension revision in BSNL.  We can not challenge their intelligence.  One has the right to live in his own paradise.
 Just think of this new situation. How to come out of the confusion created by these people?   Is a legal remedy possible?

P S Ramankutty

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